858.49% increase in leads in 3 month

Business Type: B2C, Education
Service: Website Design & Development, Website Update & Maintainance
What you need to know
  • Increased online enquiries from 13.25 per 3 months to 127 per 3 months (+858.49%)
  • Increased homepage visits from 731.75 per 3 months to 1823 per 3 months (+149.13%)
  • Improved loading speed by 95.45%


My client, Rainbow Tree Education Group is a Hong Kong business that provides a nurturing and structured environment where young children engage in age-appropriate activities, fostering independence, social skills, and cognitive development through Montessori principles and materials.

The founder, Barbara Tsui, has been expanding her highly reputable business but doesn’t have enough time and expertise to leverage her website to do so.

I identified the immense potential of her business and agreed to build her a new website and provide ongoing support.

Challenges & Opportunities

Many small businesses, particularly those in the service industry, face a common challenge: time constraints hinder their growth and scalability. Business owners not only have to manage daily operations but also dedicate significant time to delivering core services, which directly generate revenue. The burden of following up with leads and expanding beyond current capacities often extends into late hours.

In the case of our client, she adopted a do-it-yourself approach using Wix, a drag-and-drop website builder.

However, even with this type of tool, updating the website to reflect the latest information became a time-consuming task. Additionally, she struggled to create forms and automate administrative processes, which added little value to her business.

I feel like her time can be better spent on other things that matter.

Furthermore, her website was functioning like a malfunctioning conveyor belt. Despite having traffic coming to her site, she was experiencing a low conversion rate of leads into actual customers.


  1. Identify the target audience and what constitutes growth (lead counts).
  2. Reorganize the use of colour and photos to create a more cohesive and consistent brand identity. This will help strengthen brand recognition and improve overall brand perception.
  3. Reorganize and rewrite all content so that the site is up-to-date and optimized for Google Search. This will improve search engine visibility and attract more organic traffic to the website.
  4. Connect the contact form to a CRM (Hubspot), which enables easy follow-ups with leads and streamlines the lead management process for efficient customer relationship management.
  5. Put everything together using WordPress as the core CMS.


Before (Left), After (Right 1 and 2)
This graph shows that there were only 30 + 23 = 53 leads in total from Jun 18, 2021, to Jun 17, 2022
This chart shows the performance of the new website
Rainbow Tree new website improved loading speed by 95.45%

In a nutshell, I boosted their lead conversion rates and streamlined their online operations. Created a website that wowed visitors, attracted more organic traffic, and generated a steady stream of qualified leads.

And the best part? Barbara now has more time and resources for its core business activities. It’s safe to say she is over the moon with the results!

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