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Web Development

Hook where? (Navigation hook in GeneratePress)

How Hooks in WordPress behaves, and how to add a CTA button to the main menu for better lead conversion.
Google analytic meme

Fathom vs Google Analytics (Google Analytics alternative)

A quick comparison between Google Analytics and Fathom, and explore the possibility if Fathom is truly the GA-killer that it claims to be.
Web Development

Reusable blocks vs Global styles vs Local pattern (GenerateBlocks & GeneratePress)

A quick comparison between Reusable blocks, Global styles and Local patterns in GenerateBlocks and GeneratePress, and a guide on when to use them, respectively.
AnalyticWeb Development

Google Analytics for indoor foot traffic

Transformation from project-driven to product-lead growth.
Mobile POS for restaurants mock up
Web Development

Stock market-like POS (Single-page application)

Building a full-stack POS with 0 prior programming experience.
Capoeira dancing at Brazil Rio

Digital preservation of regional traditions

Visiting Brazil with UNESCO & Tencent.


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