hi, my name is Ivan

I use storytelling, websites, and analytics to help SMEs grow

Google Analytics for indoor foot traffic

Transformation from project-driven to product-lead growth.

Stock market-like POS (Single-page application)

Building a full-stack POS with 0 prior programming experience.

Digital preservation of regional traditions

Visiting Brazil with UNESCO & Tencent.


Things that keep me excited and busy.


The work speaks for itself.

He’s a knowledgeable person who knows how to utilize the distribution channel to his advantage has also become one of the tools he uses to find success on a regular basis. Ivan is a good writer also, strong at writing pitching proposals as well as strong in management skills for planning product roadmap.

Mandy Chan
Found & Design Director @ Respect Design

Ivan is an amazing and resourceful product manager, web developer, and mentor. During the time I worked under Ivan as an intern, I’ve learnt a lot from him, both as a designer and as a person. His skills and knowledge in different domains, such as coding, web developing, UXUI… makes him someone who could answer and discuss any kind of problems with.

Jasmine Xie
Product Designer @ Kachick, Gump, and Amuro

Ivan is one of the few individuals who can distill complex information and business prerequisites into actionable initiatives. This made him specifically effective at projects like managing third-party tool integrations which require procedural and product compromises across multiple departments, all while being well-liked by his co-workers.

Wolfgang Ettlich
CFO @ Floship Limited

Ivan was came highly recommended from a well respected thought leader in the industry when I needed help to rebuild my website. I think highly recommended is an understatement after getting to work with him. He has the highest ethnical standard and taking the time to make sure he has done his dual diligence to stand behind his words.

Michelle Tsau
Founder @ Avant Gardist

Working with Ivan has been a great experience. Not only is he able to understand complex and technical processes, he is also a great communicator. Ivan always has a positive attitude despite being put in challenging situations. He constantly strives to solve problems, taking new approaches where necessary, and never giving up.

Leena Chatlani
Senior Product Designer @ Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Ivan understands deeply the needs of the final users and clearly shows that in the making of a project. He has great visual communication skills which allow him to properly communicate any given problem. He has been instrumental in the success of my agency projects and for the establishment of a trusted, long-lasting relationship with our clients.

Francesco Bonafine
Founder @ Digital Nomads Hong Kong