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I enjoy writing about different topics. From growing product teams, and growing small businesses with a bootstrap approach, to web development, and WordPress development.

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Best 16 CMS for Startups in Hong Kong

Still choosing a CMS? Here’s a list of the best 16 CMS for your startup to grow in Hong Kong.

Lead Generation

Maximizing Lead Conversion: Strategies to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Understanding lead conversion and implementing effective strategies to increase conversion rates are essential for any business looking to maximize its revenue and growth.

Lead Generation

Best Lead Generation Strategies for Professional Services

From leveraging social media to optimizing your website and crafting engaging content, these tactics will help you attract and convert high-quality leads that can ultimately boost your business.


14 painless product documentation for scalling team

Scale your product with 14 types of product documentation that helps you eliminate any expectation misalignment.


7 Easy-to-Follow Preparation Steps Before Painlessly Building a Website that Actual Converts

Building a website can be challenging, but it’s often not for technical reasons. Most difficulties arise from human factors like … Read more


10 things you should consider when rebuilding your website

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Which CMS should you use for your business? (Webflow vs Wix vs Shopify vs WordPress)

The choice of a content management system (CMS) for your business depends on various factors such as your specific requirements, … Read more


How to fix your slow WordPress website?

Site speed plays a crucial role in the amount of traffic your website receives from Google. With Google placing emphasis … Read more


Hook where? (Navigation hook in GeneratePress)

Since hook functionality was opened up in WordPress, life is great for developers because we no longer have to temper … Read more


Fathom vs Google Analytics (Google Analytics alternative)

Google Analytics has been one of the most used tools for understanding website performance, revealing visitors’ and users’ insights to … Read more


Reusable blocks vs Global styles vs Local pattern (GenerateBlocks & GeneratePress)

What sets site-wide editing apart from page editing, is the capability of managing multiple elements across the entire site. Reusable … Read more


Documentation templates for Product team

The goal of having a process is to reduce mental fatigue and stresses that are caused by a lack of … Read more