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What you need to know
  • Increased lead form submission from 0.75 per month to 12 per month (+1500%)
  • Improved loading speed by 98.783%


The client OnPoint Entertainment is a highly regarded live band that specializes in performing at various live events, ranging from high-profile weddings of celebrities to luxury product launches such as Rolex, as well as annual celebration parties like HSBC’s. They have even performed at large-scale concerts like the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Over the years, the band has established a solid reputation in their city and has gained recognition in Canada and China as well. However, the band’s founders have found themselves spending an increasing amount of time managing their website and trying to generate more leads in a limited timeframe. They constantly find themselves playing catch-up with their leads using their existing setup.

OnPoint’s website had been built using Wix. However, as Janaia attempted to implement more advanced features, it became a source of frustration and consumed a significant amount of her time. The website design didn’t effectively represent the band’s image and they had to rely on sending out information in PDF format instead of having a professionally designed website that could provide up-to-date insights and performance details.

Challenges & Opportunities

When I initially approached OnPoint, I had no reservations about trusting them due to their strong portfolio and their association with prestigious brands. The band’s pricing also indicated that they were more than just a local band catering to the average customer.

Recognizing the opportunity, my goal was not to reinvent the wheel but to reorganize and present OnPoint’s existing assets in a professional, concise, and easily understandable manner.

Extensive research was conducted to comprehend OnPoint’s unique offerings and effectively represent them fully. Through this research, it became evident that the band had abundant high-quality videos and images scattered across different platforms. The challenge was to consolidate and showcase these assets in a way that allowed potential customers to easily review and make informed decisions without the need for extensive searching.


Several strategies were devised to address the challenges identified:

Redesign the website

A clean and professional design was created, optimizing readability. The previous website had an overwhelming number of colours and poor contrast, which made it difficult to read.

Organize and highlight assets

OnPoint’s images and videos were gathered and organized in Google Drive. The focus was on selecting the best assets for publicity and the website, ensuring a visually pleasing experience for visitors.

Targeted personas

OnPoint was guided to narrow down its target audience to three specific groups. This approach allowed the band to focus on showcasing relevant content to each group instead of trying to appeal to a broad range of customers.

Educate about band options

Emphasize the differences between a three-piece, five-piece, and six-piece band to help customers understand the value and variety of OnPoint’s offerings. This included highlighting the upsell potential of a full package, such as a six-piece band, rather than opting for a discounted three-piece band.

Enhance search engine optimization (SEO)

Implement SEO techniques to improve OnPoint’s visibility in search results. Additionally, an Event module was added to the website to showcase the band’s monthly performance calendar, ensuring visitors perceive OnPoint as an active and engaged band.

Testimonials and referrals

Recognizing the importance of personal recommendations and referrals, a mechanism was implemented to collect testimonials directly from potential and existing customers. This streamlined process allowed testimonials to be promptly posted on the website, enhancing credibility and trust.

Streamlined lead management

A form and multi-step form were created, including targeted questions to help filter customers’ preferences and simplify the follow-up process. Integration with HubSpot CRM was established to store and organize leads, making follow-up activities efficient and organized compared to relying solely on email or spreadsheets.


To expand its market presence, the website was translated into traditional Chinese and English, catering to the local audience and increasing OnPoint’s reach without the need for separate websites.

Content optimization

When it comes to highlighting the strengths of a performance-based business, videos are the way to go. However, it’s crucial to ensure that these videos are optimized for fast delivery in order to achieve a good PageInsight score on GTmatrix. To accomplish this, I took two important steps.

Firstly, I reduced the size of their high-resolution images to minimize the time it takes for them to load. This optimization technique helps improve the overall loading speed of the website. By making the image files smaller without compromising their quality, the website becomes more efficient in delivering content to users.

Secondly, I implemented a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to serve the website’s content from servers located closest to the users’ geographical location. This approach reduces latency and further enhances the loading times. Considering that OnPoint has clients not only in Hong Kong but also in countries like China, Canada, and the United States, it’s crucial to ensure smooth and fast content delivery for users across different regions.

By following these optimization strategies, OnPoint can effectively showcase their performance-based business through videos while ensuring an excellent user experience for their diverse clientele.

By implementing these strategies, I aimed to enhance their online presence, improve customer engagement, and streamline their lead management process.


Not only did we enhance the visual appeal of the website, but we also made significant improvements to its loading speed. This means that visitors who are in a hurry no longer need to endure long waiting times before accessing the desired content.

OnPoint Entertainment's homepage before and after the redesign
Before and After
OnPoint’s new website site speed vs old website site speed

And that’s not all! The positive impact of the website’s new design goes beyond aesthetics and speed. In fact, we’re already witnessing a substantial increase in leads within just two months of implementing the new design. To put things into perspective, the number of leads generated during this short period surpasses what the old design achieved in an entire year.

These impressive results demonstrate the significance of investing in a well-designed and fast-loading website. By prioritizing user experience and optimizing various aspects of the site, we’ve not only captured the attention of more visitors but also converted them into valuable leads for the business.


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