219.42% increase in engagement for Mapxus

Business Type: B2B
Service: Website Design & Development
What you need to know
  • 219.42% increase in average engagement time
  • Improved time-to-value by 99.6% (~3 weeks to ~2 hours)
  • Improved onboarding time (3 days -> 5 minutes)


As a contributor to the smart city development in Hong Kong, the client has been perfecting its wifi-fingerprinting algorithm, indoor mapping, and positioning solution.

However, thier main source of growth comes from projects, which makes scaling growth and operation difficult to achieve.

The goal is to transform the positioning into a product-led growth company that leverages its flagship wifi-fingerprinting algorithm as the main tool to acquire customers with scale.


I began by interviewing the list of lost leads to investigate the reason why they were not converted. The resounding reason was that they were not clear how the client can be valuable to them; focuses on “how” rather than “why”.

Because of this, I set up an A/B test to identify key value prepositions that are attractive to the targetted customers. Some of the targetted customers are shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, factories, schools, and public transport stations.

(Before) Make indoor mapping smart and simple

(After) Google Analytic for your indoor foot traffic

Once the team established a clear objective, I implemented analytical tools and dashboards, such as Superset and Amplitude, to help the team to understand which part of the company is holding back the scaling as a bottleneck before giving shape to the design of the product.

I then identify key priorities that align with Mapxus’s goal by setting up a roadmap consisting of the following interfaces:

  • Web Interface
  • API (OpenAPI)
  • SDK (React, iOS, Android)


The website’s importance for visitors has become much clearer during their current visit, as its value to them is now evident.

The outcome of the transformation was a sleek B2B SaaS landing page that effectively highlights the growing interest shown by visitors.

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