Blogs that I enjoy reading (Last update: 2023 March)

Ivan Oung
In this article...

A list of blogs that I find myself constantly revisiting and referencing whenever I feel stuck growing my web development business.

Reading brings a lot of joy, especially since they are like friends but just wiser in general.

Here’s where I get better every day by making friends with wise people who write.

Web Development

Product Management/Design



I made this list using a somewhat arbitrary preference, to narrow it down from the list of RSS feeds and email subscriptions:

  1. Posted in the last 2 years
  2. It’s either in my RSS reader or I’ve subscribed to its email feed
  3. I revisited their work at least once a month
  4. I enjoy reading them!
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Ivan Oung

Born in Hong Kong and grew up in Canada, Ivan is a husband and a board game lover. After spending 10+ years building digital products, he is now committed to helping SMEs get more leads by building effective websites that turn attention into opportunities.

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