Changing the Color of a PNG Image Using only 1-line CSS in WordPress

Ivan Oung


Use nothing but CSS to change the color of a PNG image.


Targeted Style
Current Style

The challenge would be easier if I can just use toosl like Photoshop to change the source image into white.

However, all pages have a top navigation bar with a white background, and WordPress only accept one logo at a time, so changing the color of the logo with a photo editing tools would not be a feasible idea.

Which left me with nothing else but CSS.


After a bit of searching, CSS Filter seems to be the best way to go.

Definition from MDN web docs
.header-image {
        filter: brightness(0) saturate(100%) invert(100%) sepia(0%) saturate(1%)
            hue-rotate(149deg) brightness(103%) contrast(101%);

I also used this color filter generator to come up with the code that I need, which in my case is just pure white.

After applying CSS Filter

Perfect result!

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