Documentation templates for Product team

The goal of having a process is to reduce mental fatigue and stresses that are caused by a lack of clarity. Once the team is freed from the constant nagging need to keep a constant working rhythm, more team resources can be dedicated to doing the right thing. Here’s a list of templates and their … Read more

How to use Google Sheet as a CRM with Google Cloud Script automation

Cohort 6 Production is a web development company that focuses on helping SMEs to increase revenue and profit by offering web/app development services. This case was created as part of the automation project where I built a cost-effective, lightweight CRM for Cohort 6 Product to streamline their sales operation. The result? What was the problem? … Read more

How dating apps sabotage your chances at finding love through design? (Coffee Meets Bagel UI design breakdown)

“Am I unattractive?” “Why is he/she ghosting?” “Why am I not getting any matches?“ “What is wrong with me?” Dating used to be tales that you tell your future grandkids while sitting at the rocking chair. Greasy hair, corny pick up lines, a mixture of self-confidence and shamelessness were the highlights of the story. Since … Read more

The no-BS, growth-focused and deliverable-focused scrum framework

“Our backlog is the pit of death; where top-level insights with ZERO empirical evidence rots, and the entire scrum team gives 0 f*cks” “Let’s release 5 bug fixes and 3 new features each month and wish that growth shall bequeath us” “Product management is like project management without the deadline, and I get flamed for … Read more

What I’ve Learned by Analyzing 41,584 Product Management Posts

Are you building your voice through Medium, but Medium isn’t helping? Looking for the best resource on Medium, but the lack of helpful navigation makes it seems impossible? Or are you finding the right person to engage with your ideas and thoughts? I’m all of the above. I struggle to grow as a Product Manager … Read more

Values I swear by

Life will always throw you challenges that will diverge you from your focus, and only a clear set of principles will help you get back to the right track even when sidetracked. As of 2021-12-21 today, here’s a list of values and principles that I swear by. It is no surprise some of the values … Read more

Is “Essentialism” necessary?

My reflection on Jim Semick’s “The Essentialist’s Way to Building Better Products”. Many of us live our lives doing 100 things at the same time. Trying to please everyone. Trying to do it all. As a victim of doing too much with too little return, I now support “less is more”, and “do one thing … Read more

Blogs that I enjoy reading (Last update: 2023 March)

Reading brings a lot of joy, especially since they are like friends but just wiser in general. Here’s where I get better every day by making friends with wise people who write. Web Development Product Management/Design Marketing Misc I made this list using a somewhat arbitrary preference, to narrow it down from the list of … Read more