Case Study

Digital preservation of regional traditions

UNESCO and Tencent use Information and Communication Technologies to preserve information about traditional games to safeguard living heritage in the public domain.

  • Translation (Chinese & English)
  • Keyword research
  • PR Outreach
  • Copywriting

The Challenge

How would you translate the word “sophistication” into Chinese? It’s quite a head-scratcher, isn’t it?

This is because culture and context make up a huge part of languages. It’s easy to copy-and-paste words and sentences into Google Translate, but it can be quite tricky to preserve the speaker’s intention and the cultural context.

The goal was to translate and create content throughout their stop in Brazil, and quickly spread the word about this collaboration between Tencent and UNESCO to gain traction and support from the community.

The Solution

I traveled to Brazil with the Tencent team and UNESCO team to translate their English content into Chinese. I began by setting up a Medium publication and a Twitter account to emphasize the building of a tightly-knitted community.

Then I create new articles on Medium based on keyword research and repurpose long-form video and audio recordings, driving attention and traffic to the project without a large advertising budget.

The Result

  • Published 17 articles on Medium in 4 months
  • Achieved 7K views with 40.1% of view-to-read-ratio

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