Documentation templates for Product team

The goal of having a process is to reduce mental fatigue and stresses that are caused by a lack of clarity.

Once the team is freed from the constant nagging need to keep a constant working rhythm, more team resources can be dedicated to doing the right thing.

Here’s a list of templates and their contents that I use with all my product teams.

  • Overall business
    • Mission and Goal
    • Customer Personals
    • North Star Metric (How to define success)
    • Glossary
  • Manual (How-tos)
    • Staff-use
    • Customer-use
  • Building product
    • Data
      • Performance, data, and insights
      • Tracking
        • Properties and Definitions
        • Events and Triggers
    • Technical
      • Sitemap
      • Development guideline
      • UAT Record
    • Product
      • Research and Experiments
      • Opportunities
      • Roadmap
      • Release Notes
  • Team Communication
    • Meeting Notes
    • Documents