A Rubik’s cube made out of water

I’ve been helping companies to build products that customers love by bridging the gap between profit, marketing, and web development for the last couple of years.

Some of the amazing companies I’ve worked with are Tencent, UNESCO, Tink Labs, and Melco. These days, I split my time investing in good businesses and building custom WordPress sites for clients at Cohort 6 Productions and Digital Nomads HK.


I came back to Hong Kong from Winnipeg, Canada in 2015.

Aside from wanting to stay closer to my parents so that I can take care of them, one of the many reasons why I decided to move back was because of the pace and challenges.

From designing t-shirt patterns with 0 prior design knowledge to participating in hackathons, enjoying the thrill that comes from being outside of my comfort zone keeps me on the move.

Cocoon pitch night win


During my spare time, I enjoy spilling my thoughts on Medium about product management, personal growth, and leadership.

“An unexamined life is not worth living”

Even though there’s still space to improve. still, I really enjoy the moments where my thought process flows through the clicks and clacks like the melting river in Spring. It always brings me great joy whence I know my experiences are helpful to those who share similar struggles.

Giving Back

My mother had taught Math for over 30 years.

She is the only teacher I know personally who can complete a full lecture without bringing a single book with her. Plus, she always stays behind to help those who couldn’t catch up with the teaching pace, making her one of the most respected teachers no matter where she goes.

Because of that, I always wanted to become someone like her. Someone who would give to those who needed it.

From elementary school students to professionals, I’ve always enjoyed sharing my painful failures so that others don’t have to start from scratch. Because I think pain is the only way to create deep and meaningful connections.

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